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Information for Mental Health

Newsam Centre

Seacroft Hospital
York Road
LS14 6WB
0113 855 6300



Service Details

Leeds and York  Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust specialist in-patient and out-patient services for adults, eg forensic and eating disorders. Also have a CAB advice session, phone 281 6733 for more information. The forensic service provides multi disciplinary assessment and care packages tailored to meet individual need, and risk management within a variety of community settings. Our aim is to maximise service user and carer involvement throughout this process. The service provides for males and females aged 18 or over, who are resident, or about to be resident in Leeds. It offers a total caseload capacity for 70 service users. The service is offered to people who have committed an offence or non-offenders who have a significant risk history and have a diagnosis of either severe mental illness; mild borderline learning disability or personality disorder. A casual link between a person's mental health needs and offending history is also evident. The aim of the service is to reduce risk to others through stabilising the person's mental health whilst utilising appropriate evidence based interventions and promoting social integration. Hospital admissions are identified only when appropriate i.e. in relation to risk management, and the team's aim is to reduce the length of stay when hospitalisation is required.

Referral Method

  • Mental health professional

Geographical Filter

  • City-Wide

Last updated: 24/07/2013

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